SissyTrilogypart2Have you found that you need a longer induction and deepener sequence to enter and remain in trance? In my Sissy Trilogy of files, I use a very long seductive induction based on Erickson’s confusion technique and a classic deepener to bring you so deep into a blissful trance. In my second file in the Sissy Trilogy, while you are blissed out, I take more control of your sissification and redirect your sexual energies by putting you into chastity and making you send me the key as your key holder Mistress. Being in chastity means that you will be reprogrammed and no longer have sexual desires as a male, only as a female. And in an even more subversive feminine transformation pursuit, you will not just be applying makeup. No, that doesn’t mean a humiliating visit to the department store makeup counter where the makeup girl does a pretty makeover on you. This means getting permanent makeup tattooed on you. Cosmetic tattooing will include permanent eyeliner, lip liner and brow liner.  Yes, permanent! You will wear high heels and slutty attire all the time and be given triggers, mantras and post-hypnotic suggestions to accomplish all of this without resistance.

As you can tell, the flavor of this Erotic Hypnosis file is more along the lines of Forced Feminization. Go deeper into gender reprogramming where inner transformation and outer cosmetic changes will deliciously direct you to your female fate. Buy my second file in my Sissy Trilogy, at One Hour and Nine minutes long, it will be an amazing and tantalizing journey for you to take.

This file is 1:09 mins long with a soft musical background $49.00

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