SissyTrilogypart1One key aspect of sissification is progressing from a sissy boy to a sissy girl and then even becoming a total girl by whatever means possible.
With Erotic Hypnosis, sissification can be intensified since it works from the inside out. What sissies, Femmes, panty boys and crossdressers truly need is to become a girl in their mind and not just dress like one, apply make-up and adopt a girlie name. With my Sissy Trilogy of Erotic Hypnosis files, I go deep into the psychology of gender reprogramming, with triggers, mantras and post-hypnotic suggestions to make a sissy, CD, Femme or pre-op transsexual more comfortable with their inner female persona. This first file in the Sissy Trilogy also includes going public with the freedom that real girls do, being out and about on shopping assignments dressed like a girl without a care in the world, feeling sexy as a girl and more.

This file is 1:42 mins long with a layered musical background.