Welcome to your first Booby Trap. The Booby Trap series is all about the hypnotic power of my breasts. Everyone knows breasts are hypnotic. Their size and shape, the way they bounce, the way they hold the eye and they catch the mind. It’s why so many of you sweet subbies fantasize about them. I want to hypnotize you with my breasts. They are so perfect and so hypnotic that I’m sure even now you can see them in your mind. I am going to hypnotize you with my breasts. My sweet subbies, I want your fantasies to come true, and I promise Bounce into Bliss is all about how easy it is to be hypnotized by my breasts. I know there are other files that include breast worship and fetish reinforcement but this isn’t about that. Booby Trap is all about my breasts hypnotizing you, leaving you helpless, and giving you that fantasy you want so much. After all your fantasy is to be controlled by my breasts isn’t it? You do want to be controlled don’t you? But that’s not all. I also know how much you boys love the idea of watching a crystal dangling between a nice full set of tits, and I promise of any of that sounds exciting, you will love Bounce into Bliss. This file includes: A multi-part guided visualization induction, guided masturbation, orgasm control and command, elements of erotic brainwashing with an emphasis on pleasure and addiction, and of course a crystal dangling down into deep cleavage right where you belong. Stereo Recording Background Music & Subliminal commands 33:17 minutes