My newest mp3 recording takes it to the extreme, into the taboo realm of champagne and caviar, of golden and brown. Yes, these are the code words used in toilet slavery! Toilet Training 101 explores complete toilet service to me, your Goddess, Miss Kay. My needs are extreme and you must fulfill them. You will be trained to drink my golden champagne and savor my rich caviar. Public humiliation and private play is part of my training regimen. If nasty scat is your fetish, then you must buy this file and indulge in your destiny to become my full toilet slave. This recording is so dirty and shocking, it will bring you to a peak experience to hear me describe in detail exactly what you will do for your Goddess. Go where other slaves won’t dare go. You consider anything that emanates from your Goddess’ body to be sublime and you will prove this when you drink every drop and eat every savory bite.

I am a taboo fetish Goddess with no limits which is why I have produced this mp3 recording. My recording does not feature erotic hypnosis. It is a sexy mp3 with a Toilet Training theme. If I find that TT 101 is a very successful seller I will create a training series. Of course, you can always pay a hefty Tribute for the next recording in the series as a special request. No, I don’t do live calls on this subject, they aren’t permitted on the live call platforms on which I am featured. The only way to experience the ultimate in Toilet Training is to buy this mp3 now!