Do you have wicked Femdom castration fantasies? I know that Femdom POV castration fantasies often involve men who find themselves in helpless situations, in which they are overpowered or put into a predicament where their balls are literally at risk. But you will find the testicle-less outcome so tempting, that you can’t resist. Deep inside, you want to become a servile eunuch, to become my devoted slave forever. Maybe you don’t feel like a real man, maybe you don’t feel like you deserve to have balls anymore… Maybe you’re a sissy who wants to go further into sissification and be relieved of the last two pathetic little things that are keeping you from becoming a girlie. You fear and desire looking like a Ken doll. But when I’m done chopping off your balls, you will realize my power. And I know you want to find out what I will do with your balls after I chop them off!

This insidious new mp3 experience features two different castration fantasies, including sissy castration and forced bi castration. This is a direct fantasy recording without the mesmerizing effects of erotic hypnosis. However, I should tell you that as a Psychology major, I employ several different psychological techniques, including one based on a classic Freudian principle. I use my Psych knowledge to devise compelling audio scripts and then record them in my professional home studio. Click to buy, download and listen to my new castration mp3 now. Imagine your new sexual destiny without balls! This mp3 is 14 mins long.