SissyTrilogypart3In the third file in my irresistible Sissy Trilogy, I take male to female transformation even further using Erotic Hypnosis to change your voice from a masculine voice to a girlie voice.
I cannot divulge the secrets as to how I accomplish this, when you buy my file, my voice will be your guide to bring you closer to being a real girl as one of the last vestiges of your male being, your male voice, will be erased and replaced with a female voice. This file, at One Hour and 5 minutes long reflects how much depth and emphasis I place on sissification, forced feminization and transformation. My Sissy Trilogy of files are very detailed and dynamic with triggers, mantras and post hypnotic suggestions. These files are not sequential, buy all three! You are invited to listen to them in any order and to revisit them whenever you need to be reinvigorated with desire to make the female metamorphosis you know you crave. Also in this file, I enact body transformation through corset training, to render a male bodied sissy Femme into a female bodied girl with a perfect hourglass figure.
In an even more intense hypno technique, both voice training and corset training are interwoven.

Click below to listen to a 1 minute clip.