Oneminuteremaining“One Minute Remaining” an mp3 by Miss Kay is a Trigger File designed to trigger your addictions to become even stronger than before. This is not a hypnosis file, but it does contain hypnotic elements and psychological conditioning a/k/a mind control. If you are a man with a weakness, vice, obsession, fetish or addiction, my mp3 will open a new way of experiencing the sixty second limbo of time when there is One Minute Remaining during a Niteflirt call. In other words, you should have a pre-existing addiction for this ear porn to completely warp your mind. If you don’t have one, I’m sure I can find one for you {wink}. I produced this mp3 recording particularly for Niteflirt* callers.

In case you are wondering what type of vice, weakness, obsession, fetish or addiction I’m talking about enhancing for you, here are some examples… if you enjoy strippers, poppers, forced intox, dildo play, porno videos, jacking off incessantly, financial domination, etc., then you should just click to buy this file instantly and put it on “loop” to maximize your pleasure. I know men are always looking to increase the pleasure from their addictions and I have a unique way to boost this so that you don’t lose total control. Purchase my “One Minute Remaining” now and feed your addiction.

This file is 9:12 minutes long.