kneel-to-me-imageThis brand-new erotic hypnosis file begins with a fun little roleplay and descends into complete Femdom control. If you’re a submissive man who’s been hiding his desires, you’ll find that you will absolutely love this new MP3.

In this audio file, you are a wealthy businessman who’s been struggling with insomnia. You decide that the best course of action for you to take is to visit a therapist to help you get rid of your sleep problems. I, as your therapist, explain that my way of treating insomniacs is to use hypnosis to relax them and identify the inner conflicts that are keeping them awake at night. You agree that this treatment sounds reasonable.

Of course, I plan on taking advantage of this as much as possible. Once you’re under, you’ll find yourself utterly defenseless, unable to keep from revealing all your secrets to me. You’ll be controlled completely, and I’ll even uncover some of those secret fetishes of yours as well.

Give this hypnosis MP3 a try and become my submissive little slave boy forever.

28 mins long $28