mindservent-imageThis new file I am releasing is truly one of my most magnificent works of hypnotic artistry ever. This file focuses on fractionation. If you are not aware of what fractionation is, it is the process of bringing you in and out of trace repeatedly, which deepens your hypnotic state. I won’t give away a spoiler by telling you how many times I bring you down into trance and then out of trance only to seduce you back into trance again. But I will say that listening to this ear porn recording will be a completely mind-blowing experience for you, especially if you are an erotic hypnosis aficionado.

I have done fractionation live for years during hypnosis phone sex calls. At last I decided I should produce a file that would feature mind-dazing fractionation. I also have been studying psychology at the university level and am nearing completion of my degree. My studies have given me an edge in combining my hypnosis skills with my psych knowledge. So, I intertwined psychological elements with fractionation to make it more powerful than you can even imagine. You will just have to experience this file for yourself. Buy it now and set aside the time to trance out to this total mind warping head trip. If you want to experience fractionation live, call me and do a session of erotic hypnosis. I also have other hypnosis and non-hypnosis mp3 files on various Femdom, BDSM, humiliation, fetish and financial domination themes available for you to purchase here. This file is 59.99 One hour and twenty minutes long with a whisper track