Stockbroker - an mp3 by Miss Kay

“Cherchez la femme,” as the French say in classic mystery films. In these French mysteries, yes, one must search for that singular woman, the beauty, the enchantress, the seductress. In this bewitching file, I play that beautiful mystery woman with special bewitching powers who is searched out by a powerful top executive at a brokerage firm to assist him with a special project that needs a woman with my unique skills to complete. This is a very distinctive file with an engaging story line that will captivate you, bewitch you and make you feel seduced in this sexy and stylish interwoven “noir” scenario. If you enjoy Femdom erotic hypnosis with a dash of Financial Domination, this is the aural elixir for you to listen to and enjoy. While my latest “chez d’oeuvre” is not one of my longer erotic hypnosis files, it is a file that you will savor as a tantalizing break from your workday while you sit back in your office chair, earbuds in your ears, or after you get home and need to de-stress from a tumultuous workday and relax while listening to audio erotica. What makes this particular file very special to me is that it is essentially symbolic of who I am and what I do. I am here in the virtual world, a beautiful, mysterious Erotic HypnoDomme, and you search me out for your fantasy getaways, bliss and release that only my special talents in both live and recorded erotic hypnosis can provide. “Stockbroker” mp3 is 35:00 mins with a whisper track.