Sleeper Agent by Miss KayOnce in a while, a truly compelling erotic hypnosis file series emerges among all the new releases.  Sleeper Agent Parts 1 and 2 are such a compelling must-listen series.  Let me tell you about Sleeper Agent Part 1 now.  I am a sexy spy handler who is hired by a covert government organization to use my hypnotic powers for provocative purposes.  My mission is to train sleeper agents like you under the guise of doing something completely different.  This mission is covert.  I, Miss Kay, am known far and wide for my powers to reprogram minds, to enact brainwashing, mind fucking and more.  And of course, I utilize the power of amnesia to compel you to forget what you don’t need to remember and especially not to remember being hypnotized by me at all.  This is a classic erotic hypnosis file with a potent induction and deepener plus a re-deepener to take you down to depths unfathomable within your inner mind.

If you crave spy films and books along the lines of John le Carre and Robert Ludlum, then don’t miss the Sleeper Agent series.  If you crave reprogramming, deep hypno, triggers, suggestions, brainwashing, mind fuckery, amnesia and financial domination, don’t delay your new erotic hypnosis adventure any longer.  Your brain can be trained to become a sleeper agent, and all of this will happen without your conscious awareness.  You should buy both files for maximum listening pleasure and in this case, the files must be listened to in sequence.

Sleeper Agent Part 1 is 49 minutes long.