Sleeper Agent by Miss Kay



Sleeper Agent Part 2 is the second erotic hypnosis file in my Sleeper Agent series.  This persuasive file should be listened to only after listening to Part 1.  Listening to Part 2 out of sequence will not make sense to your retrained brain.  You see… Part 2 is referred to within Part 1 and it is embedded into several trigger sequences.  To listen to Part 2, you should be seated at your computer with headphones on or earbuds in.  If you do not own headphones or earbuds, listen to the file on whatever device can play an mp3 file.  But you must be at your computer or on a tablet device.  A fast-acting induction is utilized to bring you down to a half trance level where you are able to listen to all of my triggers and commands.  Half trance serves a purpose since you must be able to use manual skills on your computer at the same time.  It is all part of my covert plan to turn you into my sleeper agent.


These powerful triggers embedded in Part 1 will prompt you to send me the appropriate Findom Tribute based on circumstances beyond your control.  You will be helplessly compelled to obey me.  Pleasure is your reward when you obey.   You will then be put into a state of amnesia.  Amnesia allows you to mindlessly function in your world and mine!  Click now to download, listen, obey.

File elements:  half trance, brainwashing, amnesia, financial domination, spy, triggers, covert

Sleeper Agent Part 2 is 22 minutes in length.