Forced Intoxication - mp3 by Miss KayWelcome to Intox Undertow 2 – the second file in my mind bending hypnosis series exploring forced intoxication. This file can be listened to as a standalone hypno recording, but it becomes even more powerful if you listen to the first audio adventure in the series and then listen to Undertow 2. After a compelling hybrid induction in Undertow 2, you will find yourself swept away and under my control. The power of the intoxicants you pursue plus my sexy commanding voice manipulate your mind in ways you must experience for full effect. In this file, I reveal the real source of the Undertow while you are deep in trance. I also hypnotically compel you while you are mesmerized to do something for me after you finish listening to the file, something that you will feel so fated to do.

If you are a fan of forced intox, in this case, drinking or sniffing poppers (or both), click to buy this file now and get out all your libations and party favors to enjoy a deeply unique thrill that just wouldn’t be available to you without the effects of my coercive hypnosis, brainwashing and mind control. Every man enjoys seeking an altered state or stress release whether it is through hypnosis alone or forced intox or combining both for maximum intensity. Now you can pursue mindlessness and intoxication with bliss via my voice and other hypnotic layering that I use to enhance and stimulate your experience. Click now, buy, download and listen. This file is right left brain experience. I use multiple whisper tracks, as well as a hypnotic musical background.

Intox Undertow part 2 is 27 mins in length.