Devious Dentist - an erotic hypno mp3 by Miss Kay

My “Devious Dentist” hypno mp3 is a very erotic file about a trip to the dentist. I promise it’s painless! In fact, it’s a pleasure-filled hypno journey as I am your sexy dentist who takes you down into an anesthetic trance and seeks to alleviate the tooth pain you’ve been feeling. I use a very compelling induction and deepener that will bring you so deep under my spell, then you will find out just what type of dentistry I practice as you lay back in my dental chair. In this sexy hypnosis mp3 recording, you will become very aroused as I seduce you and then you will be permitted to have an orgasm while you are in trance. Many of you requested a new file where you would be teased and would cum while you are listening to my sexy voice and not have to wait till the file ends to stroke to orgasm. The appeal of a sexy Femdom dentist should immediately make you want to click and buy my file to experience the bliss that will come when you close your eyes and listen to me tell you what will happen to you as my helpless and horny patient. Hypnosis is sometimes used for actual pain alleviation, but I don’t expect that my file will have that level of clinical effectiveness, unless of course the pain is because you need a mind-blowing orgasm to release some painful pressure build-up!

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