This file contains strong suggestions for you to experience very powerful amnesia, and you may not remember purchasing this file after your first listen. This file also includes strong commands to feel your intelligence drain, and to go directly to sleep. This file will not cause any permanent harm to your ability to think and function when awake and out of trance. Please purchase at your own pleasure.- Sometimes it can feel so hard to let go and go to sleep. Sometimes the most relaxing and soothing things can be the hardest if you can’t shut your mind off. I will help you relax, and once you have fallen for me, I will take you into my classroom and teach you how to just stop thinking. You will spend some time with me, your sexy teacher, and when I’m done with you you just might not be able to remember what I’ve taught you. You might not even remember how good it feels to stroke for me and obey me. You might not even remember why you need to listen to me every day. But I promise you, you will fall deep for me. This file includes: sleep therapy, confusion techniques, strong amnesia suggestions, temporary stupefaction, guided imagery, guided masturbation instruction, orgasm control, strong post hypnotic suggestions, and intense brainwashing. Stereo Recording Background Music & Subliminal commands 66:37 minutes