My newest erotic hypnosis file is based on a beautiful and popular villainess in the Batman tv series, Marsha Queen of Diamonds. This unique mp3 recording will appeal to any Batman fans, Femdom and Findom aficionados or any man who enjoys wicked Femme Fatale fantasies. Everyone is certainly familiar with Batman’s feline arch nemesis Catwoman, but the evil and greedy golddigger, Marsha, should not be overlooked for her nefarious pursuits in seducing men to gain diamonds or wealth! This is why I chose Marsha, Queen of Diamonds as the sexy subject of my latest ear porn. If you are unfamiliar with Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, she appeared on the original Batman television show starring Adam West and was played by a blonde Carolyn Jones, who later went on to become renowned for her role as the goth Morticia in the Addams Family. As Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, she was a dominant Mistress who maintained her own private harem and captive men would do anything to vie for her attention.

The induction and deepener in this erotic hypnosis recording are very alluring and will have you enchanted before Marsha is unleashed to wreak havoc in your world. You will want to listen to this file over and over again to feel that you can’t resist a powerful seductress. But of course, I have now become Marsha, and you can’t resist me. Click now to buy my file and descend into bliss. But watch out for Cupid’s Love Dart and the Diamond Dozing Gas! This file is 42:00 mins long with an intense Subliminal Background