I have fans who sometimes don’t have time to listen to a long hypnosis recording, but need to hear my voice control their sexuality. I have other fans who enjoy listening to something different every now and then. If you are into forced feminization and humiliation, I just recorded an interesting eight minute mp3 for you. This mp3 does not include hypnosis. It’s time to leave your manhood (if you even have one shred of manhood) behind! It is very direct humiliation for men with forced fem secrets, men who long to serve beautiful, dominant women as a fem. If you have ever thought about giving up your high pressure life and becoming a sissy fem, I provide that delicious escape with all of the feminized lifestyle options available to you such as French maid or pretty party toy. If you have inner doubts about your masculinity, you will no longer have any doubts by the time you are done listening to my Forced Fem Humiliation mp3. A forced feminized fate awaits you. This recording also motivates you to listen to my other sissy and forced fem erotic hypnosis recordings to take your inner and outer transformation all the way. You will not be able to resist going deeper on your journey. The power of my hypnosis can take you there.
Of course, I am available for live erotic hypnosis calls, hardcore humiliation calls and forced feminization fantasies. I can also record both custom mp3′s and custom erotic hypnosis mp3′s, inquire about my rates: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

This file is 8:00 mins