Last Man on Earth - humiliation mp3 by Miss KayMy “Last Man on Earth” mp3, features the sizzle of humiliation peppered with seductive teases about blackmail and homewrecking. To top it off, there is a very kinky and humiliating assignment outlined for you within the audio track. You absolutely must perform the assignment. I must warn you, this assignment will sexually brainwash you. My Last Man on Earth mp3 doesn’t feature hypnosis in the traditional sense. However, I integrate persuasive and hypnotic elements which will warp your mind and make you feel things you can’t feel unless you are under my spell. Don’t miss out on this very unique recording which impacts you with the realities about your fantasies.

After you listen to this mp3 and perform the assignment, you will belong to me. I will be your Femdom Humiliatrix, Blackmail Mistress and Homewrecker Extraordinaire. You will feel compelled to buy more of my humiliation files, hypno and otherwise. You will beg for me to record a custom mp3 experience just for you, I will set the price, there is no negotiation. When you belong to me, you do as I say. You need to be owned. You crave humiliation as if it were sustenance. And you need correction to divert you from your out of control impulses. I am here to oversee your sexuality. I will morph you into what I find far more preferable. This mp3 gives you a taste of what is to come for you. Your fate awaits. Click, download, listen and do your assignment!