Big Boobs - a hypnotic mp3 by Miss Kay

If there’s one thing that pretty little lesbian slave girls need is a full and firm set of breasts. The naughty fag boys that want me to take them as my own prissy slave girl are begging for me to provide them with a way to grow the perfect set of boobies. Breasts that are full, round, and enough for me to grab a hold of when you misbehave. Nipples that are pink, pert, and always standing at attention. A perfect pair of bouncing boobies that I can watch go up and down when I make you dance for me. If you don’t have that, then you are seriously lacking in what I expect my perfect prissy slave girl to be. Leave behind the ‘chicken fillet’ breast molds, little sissy fags. Forget the tissue stuffing, you wannabe subbie. If I even see you trying on an inflatable bra, there’s no way I’m ever going to consider you to be part of my slave girl harem. I want real, natural, bouncing boobies. Click below to download Miss Kay’s Big Boobie hypnosis and grow the perfect set of delicious tits, for Miss Kay’s eyes only.

This file is layered with soft music and is 32:00 mins long.