We spend an average of a third of our life sleeping, sleep is that important to our physical health and mental well-being. Many people struggle with insomnia for different reasons. This is why I developed my Sleep Deep for Me mp3 recording. It’s designed for those of you who experience issues falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep Deep for Me is a shorter file that can be used to relax and slip into dreamland listening to my voice and following a potent sleep induction trigger. Even if you don’t experience insomnia frequently, this file is perfect to keep on your phone, tablet or computer, so that if you do find yourself having one of those bouts of insomnia, you will already have my hypnotic Sleep Deep mp3 at hand. Think of it as an aural sleeping pill without any of the druggy side effects!

If you already know that insomnia follows you like a shadow, try a natural sleep solution instead, hypnosis! If interested in your own longer sleep hypnosis file, I can also craft a custom sleep hypnosis mp3 just for your needs. Email me and I will advise my rates to write and record a custom sleep file. But in the meantime, click to purchase, download and listen to this potentially life-changing hypno experience for your sleep enhancement. Please take caution, since this is a sleep hypnosis file, you absolutely must NOT to listen to this while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that would require your focus and attention.File Information: This file is 15:00 min long with my sweet voice echoing in whisper track to help your sleep even deeper. I have also added Binaural Beats that stimulate and alpha/beta brain state. Enjoy this file. Sleep deep.

This file is 15 mins long