Funhouse an erotic hypnotic mp3 by Miss Kay

We all remember the days of running off to the fair to spend the last few weeks of summer in a carefree environment? The heaving crowds, the delicious smells of cotton candy and popcorn, the laughter of all those around you – it’s everything about summer fairs that we enjoy. Tonight, you’ll travel to a carnival like no other. One where Miss Kay gives you the sexual release you’ve been dying for!
The hot summer heat beats you down, and you decide to go for a walk to the fairground for a bit of evening entertainment. Meeting up with a gorgeous woman who tempts you with soft touches and beautiful body, you enter into a world where fantasy and reality become interchangeable. Miss Kay invites you into her one of a kind Funhouse where you are beckoned into a mirrored maze and brought into a level of ecstasy that has never been reached before. Submit to Miss Kay’s commands and release your manhood to her control. Get the tissues ready, because you’ll need to clean up after this one.This is a layered file with Binaural Beats and music.

This file is 40:00 mins of erotic seductive fun.

Funhouse is an erotic hypnotic mp3 by Miss Kay!