FortuneHunterbymisskayI am not just a Financial Domme, I am a Fortune Hunter. When you listen to my latest erotic hypnosis audio production, you will find out that this is not your typical financial domination file. Let me make it clear, I am not here to count change or accept tiny tributes, I am here to build a fortune. And my Fortune Hunter finale will be to marry a very wealthy man, and live the life I have always dreamed of. Until then, I will be building my personal fortune. Selling this erotic hypnosis file is not the fortune builder per se. But you will find out after you listen to my file and you begin to go into a financial frenzy of sending me huge Tributes, of buying everything I desire on my Wish List, that you have fallen under my Fortune Hunter spell. Of course, there are clever triggers in my Fortune Hunter file designed to make you financial domination fetishists go beyond what you ever thought was consciously possible for a FinDomme to take from you. This is because the subconscious triggers are directing you to act at the conscious level, without questioning the rationale of your acts. And don t think I even have one iota of remorse for taking whatever I want to build my Fortune, I am a merciless Huntress. So be forewarned. Although, I know you are already aroused by this description and ready to click, buy and listen to this Findom file, aren t you This file is 48:00 mins of deep erotic hypnosis with a relaxing music and subliminal tones as well as mantras.

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