You're not good enough - mp3 by Miss KayIn the realm of humiliation, what is more humiliating than being told by a beautiful woman, “You’re Not Good Enough”? You probably dream of having a gorgeous girlfriend or wife, as sultry and sexy as I am, but the cold hard truth is, you would never even have a chance with me. My newest humiliation mp3 will drive home all of your inadequacies and make you feel the shame of not measuring up in every way. We both know that humiliation brings you pleasure, so why resist what arouses you the most? After I wrote this mp3 script, I just had to read it to one of my hot girlfriends over the phone, who laughed and even offered a few suggestions to add. My girlfriend and I reject men like you all the time, wherever we go, whatever we do. Maybe rejection turns you on, too. You can satisfy all your twisted needs listening to this one mp3 I’ve recorded for men like you. This file is 9:00 mins of a verbal beatdown. Background music to help the message penetrate even deeper.