Money minion part 2 - mp3 by Miss KayYou aren’t minion enough! My newest mp3 hypnosis file, Money Minions Part 3, completes my trilogy of financial domination and money slavery hypnosis recordings that I set out to produce. While you can listen to this powerful file without having listened to Money Minions and Money Minions 2, I recommend you buy the trilogy and listen sequentially for maximum hypno mind-bending effect. Money Minions 3 is extreme hardcore financial domination. However, what makes it so insidious is that my voice is soft and seductive, while I embed wicked subliminal messages and triggers in your helpless mind to compel you to drain all of your accounts, liquidate all of your assets and give everything to me Make no mistake, I am a greedy FinDomme who still stop at nothing to get what is mine, i.e., the money that you have under your control, and to build my vast empire of wealth. You weak little money minions will serve me unequivocally and become oinking little piggie wallets after you listen to Money Minions 3. If you crave findom or hypno or both, this erotic hypnosis file is a must-listen. Add it to your ear porn collection or start your hypno mp3 collection now.  I have many other hypnosis files for your listening pleasure. Click now, download the file, relax, listen then obey me forever. This file is yours to own and play on any mp3 listening device.
This file is 32:00mins with theta Binaural beats background