Miss Kay Calling - mp3 by Miss KayMy newest financial domination mp3, “Miss Kay Calling”, is a brainwashing adventure that contains repetitive triggers to stimulate your inner mind. You will find yourself helpless and unable to resist acting on specific audio triggers which I have dubbed into the file, and unable to resist everything else I suggest to you with my sensual, erotic voice. If you are unfamiliar with triggers, these are prompts to persuade you to experience nearly involuntary, automatic responses which you act on without thinking. “Miss Kay Calling” is a devious findom mp3 designed for fin subs, money slaves and pay pigs. So many of my fin subs, money slaves and pay pigs confess their desire to feel brainwashed to spend money and spoil Miss Kay. Now I have an exciting new way to feel enslaved to your Money Domme and completely brainwashed to spend, buy and spoil!

And something even more exciting is that this mp3 is a preview, call it a “Coming Attraction” of a much longer and devious financial domination hypno recording that will contain even more triggers and suggestions. You will beg me and Tribute me to expedite the longer recording of the “Miss Kay Calling” hypno mp3 so that you can feel even more triggers making you mindlessly spend cash on your Findomme. I’m working on this version of the “Miss Kay Calling” script right now including the wicked overdubbing that will totally brainwash you to spoil Miss Kay more and more! But for now, buy “Miss Kay Calling”, download and become a mindless money slave! The file is 9:35 mins with a Binaural Beats with Theta waves.